Fleet Management

The Voyager Fleet Management division supervises the comprehensive organization of company fleets through operational analysis, expense management, efficiency optimization and cost controls. Our broad experience in the retail transportation industry and deep understanding of a vehicle’s total lifecycle cost is the basis of our expertise. Voyager partners with a number of businesses, including construction, engineering, entertainment and a wide array of service-oriented companies.

Voyager Fleet Management can save money for companies establishing fleets for the first time, or those with existing fleets. We cover the full spectrum of service associated with a vehicle’s life-cycle. At the acquisition phase, your Voyager fleet manager will determine which vehicles will best serve your needs and collaborate with partner financial institutions to get the best possible financing deals. Voyager offers maintenance programs to save you money and time, leveraging established relationships with dealers and local service/mechanic shops. Voyager also offers fuel programs which helps to keep a lid on gas costs, and gives your drivers access to island wide fuel stations.

Voyager fleet managers can also employ telematics systems to help optimize fuel management, ensure safety and help you track the drivers of your company vehicles. Because Voyager Fleet Management is a full service division, we help you sell your vehicles when the time is right. We focus on getting you the best return, and as such, we use multiple networks to get your vehicles sold.