Voyager’s Rent-to-Own program, Rent2BuyIt is the first of its kind in the region!

Rent2BuyIt gives most people who wouldn’t normally be able to own a vehicle the chance to own their very own car. Voyager Rent2BuyItteam members specialize in saying “Yes” to people who have previously heard “No” from banks and other finance institutions. We cater to the unemployed and self-employed, and often say “Yes” to people with bad credit ratings, and who are struggling single parents, pensioners, young people, low income earners and students.

Voyager Rent2BuyIt creates a structured payment plan customized specifically for each client – payments cover the cash price of the vehicle, car registration and car insurance. Absolutely no interest or additional charges are applied. Voyager Rent2BuyIt requires a deposit and evidence of the client’s willingness and ability to pay throughout the entire payment plan.

In its inaugural year, the Voyager Rent2BuyIt team members happily reported that because each client’s unique circumstances are considered, everyone who has approached Voyager, has driven away with a car on the same day!

Email today to outline your interests (car year, make and model) and make an appointment to see one of the Rent2BuyIt specialists.